Stand B27
Friday 25th – Saturday 26th March
London ExCel

Cattani UK staff members in attendance at the show:
Peter Bailey, Nigel Ellis, Lewis Bluck & James Murrell

Show opening times: 
Friday 25th March        9:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday 26th March    9:00am – 5:30pm

Newest addition to the Cattani range

Our NEW Turbo Smart HP system is a high power, variable speed suction system, ideal for conservation and surgical applications providing high airflow and high vacuum power.

Turbo Smart HP produces 340mbar negative pressure for up to 4 surgeries, featuring a pair of Cattani’s new extremely powerful, performance enhanced Uni Jet 75 motors.

Turbo Smart HP has a programmable vacuum level which automatically alters vacuum on demand and responds to any change in use from the surgeries.

Turbo Smart HP also features Cattani’s multi-function digital display which informs the user of the vacuum level, temperature, servicing requirements, amalgam separation, fault diagnosis and programming.

Thanks to the inverter, its electrical energy consumption is proportional to its use, these units have improved work performance, save electricity and increase reliability.

For further information visit our website:

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