Our Terms and Conditions

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Our Technical Information ‘Terms of Service’

The Technical Information section of this website is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the registered users. Access to this information by anyone else is unauthorised. Cattani ESAM (UK) Limited reserves the right to remove any registered user at any time. For further information regarding the data you supply to us when you register for this service please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Our Green Policy

In a bid to do our part for the environment Cattani products are developed in the following way:

Cattani use both 100% recycled and partial recycled materials throughout the production process.

Cattani recycle the waste from the production of goods.

All Cattani products are 100% recyclable – units can be disassembled* and recycled accordingly:

– Plastic components can be recycled as plastic waste
– Aluminium, Brass and Steel can be recycled as metal waste
– Circuit Boards and Cabling can be recycled as electronics waste
– Tubing can be recycled as PVC or silicone waste

*Please note: disassembling of goods must be carried out by a certified contaminated goods collector only.

Cattani packaging material can be recycled or returned to the supplier for re-use.

For further information please contact us.