Cattani suction systems are hand-built and produce high performance at affordable prices.

We have a full range of suction systems ranging from single surgery to complete custom built modular units for hospitals, meaning that there is a system to suit the requirements of your clinic.

All amalgam separators are fully ISO11143 and Bautechnik Compliant, with over 98% filtration across the complete flow range. A full range of tip supports, isolation valves, spittoon valves and hygiene consumables are available to complement the systems, and maintain their performance.

Cattani Smart Suction

Over the years UK dental practices have routinely used suction systems that are designed for conservation dentistry. These systems provide high air flow and medium vacuum and should be used inconjunction with a large bore aspirator tip, whereas for Implant proceedures, surgical vacuum is required. The characteristics are high vacuum (pulling power) and medium air flow, requiring the use of a narrow bore aspirator tip to rapidly remove heavy debris, blood, tooth and bone from a small precise area in the mouth.

The Smart range of suction systems from Cattani, are the only systems that can provide both high vacuum with continuous use for your implant & surgical proceedures and a high air flow for conservation dentistry.

Cattani Smart systems are supplied with a 3 year warranty on all major components (Terms & Conditions apply).

For further information on which suction system is best for your requirements please click on the products page above, alternatively please contact us for further information.

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