A quiet, relaxed atmosphere puts both patient and dentist at ease no matter how large or small the practice.

What do dentists require when they look to purchasing a new suction or compressed air system for their surgery?

Price, reliability, size and space within their practice are just some of the main factors which dentists will consider when choosing the right aspiration and compressed air system for their practice. However, one major factor which can be missed if not brought to their attention is the noise that is produced from the equipment which keeps their surgery running on a day to day basis.

Most suction and compressed air systems meet the HSE regulations which state that maximum noise levels in any working environment must not exceed 80 dB(A), but this noise level is like having your surgery outside next to a busy road. As you can imagine this constant noise throughout the dentist’s working day could become quite unbearable.

Normal speech is estimated at approx. 60 dB(A), in our view any noise in the background which is below this is considered best for general working conditions, this will be of specific interest if the dentist who you are supplying the unit to will have it within their surgery.

The noise levels can also affect the atmosphere within a practice, which over time your dentist may become accustomed to, but may cause their patients feelings of panic and anxiety, especially when sat in the dentist chair.

Cattani UK aspirators and compressed air systems not only provide power, reliability and peace of mind, but they also tackle the problem of noise. Cattani suction and compressed air systems can be supplied with sound reducing cabinets or hoods that reduce noise levels considerably.

Cattani’s single surgery Micro Smart suction unit can be supplied or retro fitted with their sound reducing cabinet which brings noise levels down to an incredible 48 dB(A). Sound reducing cabinets for their multiple surgery Turbo Smart suction system, can reduce noise levels to an impressive 51.6 dB(A).

However good the noise levels from existing Cattani units, developments don’t stop there! Cattani’s vision is not only to produce products which are reliable, powerful and help reduce noise levels, but that can be located within the surgery if required, even if running at maximum capacity the working environment can remain calm and relaxed.

Cattani’s new innovation which was launched at the BDTA Dental Showcase this year, ‘Power Station’ is a space saving solution, which encapsulates both the vacuum and compressed air requirements for up to 6 surgeries (4 running simultaneously) in a neat housing constructed of powder coated steel panels.

This solution reduces noise levels to 54dB(A) even when both the vacuum and compressed air are running together. Power Station can be supplied in a variety of colours so we can tailor it to the dentist’s surgery.

For further information about Power Station or if you would like to speak with us about purchasing any of our sound reducing cabinets for Cattani suction units or sound reducing hoods for Cattani compressed air units then please contact us on 01527 877997 or email us info@cattaniesam.co.uk.

Why not book an appointment with us at our office, invite some of your customers and allow them to experience Power Station running for themselves and see just how quiet this solution really is!