When choosing suction and compressed air products, whether it be for an existing surgery or if you are planning a complete re-fit, one of the most difficult decisions is what system will be best suited to your requirements.

Factors which must be considered include space, product effectiveness and capability, reliability and noise levels.

Here at Cattani we pride ourselves on our ability to design the best possible solution for you and your team. Our team has over 25 years experience and can plan the suction and compressed air requirements for your surgery around your specific needs.

Cattani’s suction systems provide the user with reliable, powerful vacuum and our compressed air systems produce only clean, dry, oil-free air.

Cattani systems can achieve some of the lowest noise levels in the industry. For example, our multiple surgery Turbo Smart with sound reducing cabinet runs at a maximum of just 51.6 dB(A), similar to having a dishwasher running in the next room*. A comparative product sold by another dental suction company (inc sound reducing cover) comes in at 59 dB(A) this noise level is similar to a large business office*.

If you would like Cattani to make a site visit along with your supplier to discuss the right products for your surgery and to walk you through the features and benefits of our systems, please contact us on 01527 877997 and we will do our best to book an appointment with you at your convenience.

We understand that every practice is different and therefore each deserves a unique approach.

Cattani don’t just have the well-being of the dental practice in mind, but also the well-being of your patients, after all your patients are key to the success of your practice.

*source: Loudness Comparison Chart www.dot.ca.gov