As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information about the global COVID-19 outbreak we are taking additional measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate.

Cattani will remain open until Government guidelines advise further.

Please do not make any unnecessary visits to the premises, if you do visit please use the trade entrance where a minimum distance should be observed and hand sanitiser used.

We will be suspending training courses until further notice, we apologise for the inconvenience but the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is a priority.

Do not send any units for repair or service as these will not be opened or refused due to the nature of the machines and the high risk of possible transmission and infection.

Any item or unit under warranty needs to be authorised, paperwork requested and completed before the item or unit is returned.

Cattani will have manned phones, both for technical support, orders and general enquiries (even if it’s just for a chat!) We will have certain staff members who will be working from home and their direct contact details will be passed on if required.

We are currently still receiving goods from our suppliers and have taken extra stock in order to cover any potential supply interruption.

As a small family company we hope you understand these precautions we are currently taking and look forward to working with you during these difficult times.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

The Cattani Team.

For updates on how to protect yourselves please visit;

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