NEW range of CUBE Systems, details of these can be found on page 13 of the price list.

The Cattani CUBE range are energy efficient and allow the user more flexibility for installation. These systems are smaller, quieter but do not compromise on power and performance all thanks to our new innovative technology.

Our NEW suction systems (Micro-Smart CUBE and Turbo-Smart CUBE) can connect wirelessly enabling professionals to check and adjust suction without leaving the surgery. Active self-protection mode allows the unit to adapt in adverse conditions or if there is a large quantity of liquid from the surgery. New clever electronics and software protect the units in case of sudden voltage change or power surge.

Our NEW intelligent compressor system (CUBE.IC Air) is a compact solution which provides a high air output. This unit incorporates inverter control producing no vibration and will adjust motor rotation speed according to demand without the unit overheating.