Turbo Jet – now only 1 kit available

Following feedback from some of our customers we decided to create a kit which combined elements from our basic and complete service kits.

We have decided to remove the amalgam pot, recirculation valve and inline debris filter as we felt these we not always necessary when carrying out a service and would be better for engineers if they could purchase these seperately as required.

This kit is priced at £120* and the product code you will require for ordering is 900056


Micro Smart – now 2 kits available

We have decided to create an additional kit for our Micro Smart units.

Engineers now have the option to decide between a basic or more comprehensive kit when looking to complete the yearly service.

Our Micro Smart Basic Kit is priced at £59* (product code 900051)

Our Micro Smart Complete Kit is priced at £166* (product code 900050)


For further information please see our latest price list, which is downloadable from our website in the Prices section.


* All prices listed are RRP, they are exclusive of VAT and Carriage charges.