Due to the success of Cattani’s 2-4 surgery Turbo Smart system and now Cattani have upgraded the control panel, at the beginning of this year Cattani will be introducing their new Turbo Smart 2V.

The incorporation of this new system into Cattani’s current range will mean that there is no further need for the HP range. Cattani’s current stock of HP units will be sold on a first come first serve basis, once all stock is sold we will not be able to acquire any new stock, so if you would like one of these remaining systems please contact us early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: Turbo HP Spare parts will still be available for servicing and repair for up to 10 years.

Turbo Smart 2V

Turbo-Smart 2V is the first direct replacement for any 2 horse-power wet-ring system, suitable for up to 4 surgeries producing 300mbar negative pressure and capable of running continuously, (adequate cooling required) +5˚C – +35˚C.

Existing pipework will not need replacing.

By reducing the negative pressure to 210mbar with suitable diameter pipework, this system is capable of running up to 6 surgeries. Turbo-Smart 2V will also operate from a 230V 13A supply.

Turbo Smart 2V has a multi-function digital display which informs the user of vacuum level, temperature, servicing, amalgam separation, fault diagnosis and programming.


2-6 surgeries
Output power 1.5kW-9A
Maximum flow 1700 l/min
Maximum Vacuum Level: 300mbar
Noise level 69.8dB(A)
W=423mm D=360mm H=650mm
Net Weight=41kg Gross Weight=50kg

RRP £5,800
3 year warranty (subject to Terms and Conditions)
For further details please see page 24 of our 2014 Price List

For further information about Turbo Smart 2V please either contact us via telephone 01527 877997 or email info@cattaniesam.co.uk.