Cattani ESAM (UK) Ltd provide a professional, rapid and reliable after-sales service

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Available Parts for Servicing

Cattani’s sizeable warehouses constantly maintain high stock levels and an extensive range of parts, for fast distribution to customers.

Cattani have a double check system in operation for outgoing orders.

When orders have been processed they are sent to the warehouse and are initially picked and laid out ready to be checked by our warehouseman and another member of our team, to make sure it contains all the correct items.

They will then both sign the delivery note and seal the package confirming all items within the package are correct. This was implemented to help make sure that our customers receive the correct items, this in turn reduces problems and improves customer satisfaction.

Only experienced and highly knowledgeable staff are employed by Cattani ESAM (UK) Ltd. All are committed to providing you with a fast, reliable and cost-effective service that is second to none.

For further information or to order replacement parts for you suction system or compressor, please contact us on 01527 877997 to speak to a member of our team.


Cattani products are straightforward to use and maintain. Suction systems and compressors are supplied with warranty guarantees and hard copy step-by-step care and maintenance instructions, to maximise their effectiveness and longevity.

Our suction systems, components and amalgam containers are easily accessible, making cleaning simple and quick, to view how to change the amalgam separator on you Cattani suction system click link below:

Changing the Cattani amalgam container for Micro SmartChanging the Cattani amalgam container for Turbo JetChanging the Cattani amalgam container for Turbo Smart

Cattani recommend that Magnolia suction system cleaning products are used for daily and weekly cleaning, and that machines are annually serviced by a qualified technician.

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Cleaning the Suction System