What fantastic customer service we receive every time we call Cattani for advice or information with our suction unit at the practice.

Not that we have had lots of issues but when we need you, you’re always there. Always polite, knowledgeable and informative. Never failed us yet!!

Dunning Dental Care

Yet again – thank you for an excellent service! Back up and running within ten minutes!

David Andrew, The Pavillion Dental Practice

Thank you very much for looking after me and the poorly suction motor. Having the separator installed and tested that morning was an enormous help and meant the unit could be back working in Milton Keynes by 5.30pm. The customer is very happy with the result and so am I. Give yourselves a gold star.

Rob Cook, Dental Service Engineer

I have to say I am so impressed with how helpful you have been and will certainly buy from you in the near future.

Jo Mason, Northiam Dental

Thank you for the informative course I was able to attend on the 24th of April. Also thank you for your hospitality throughout the course attendance. You should have received an order for some consumable items by now.

Nick Pike, Pc-isp- Technical Compliance Officer, Kellogs Brown & Root Limited

Well, you continue to surpass my expectations – not only do you have the telephone answered by someone who CAN be bothered to help but actually knows HOW to help. Sadly, my 8 year old turbojet had exhausted various bits – I sent it up to Bromsgrove (from Kent) for service on Tuesday – you worked on it as soon as it arrived – it is now returned, installed and fully functional, by Friday.

Now that’s what I call customer service! I am very grateful as the downtime, cost and inconvenience of having no suction is obvious. It is a pleasure doing business with such a caring team. You set a good example and one that much of the rest of the dental equipment suppliers would benefit from learning! Thank you again.

I-Teeth Dental Care

The feedback from Clive, Mark and Ben regarding the training you provided was really positive. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the time you provided and expertise you share with the three MEMO engineers. Once again many thanks Steve.

Troy Chivers (Mechanical Services Manager, University Hospitals Bristol Nhs Foundation Trust)

I visited a customer last year to repair a matrix on a 23 year old Cattani compressor which was broken by a plumber doing works in the building. Cattani Esam supplied a new part, which was fitted and working in no time. Excellent reliability and excellent service back-up.

Dave Holmes (Dental Engineer)

It makes a very welcome change to be greeted and treated with friendly courtesy; excellent listening skills; and a genuine desire to assist your customers. My own experiences have not been numerous as Cattani equipment is reliable. However, when I have had a problem, you have listened to the symptoms, reached a diagnosis and given the advice for me to resolve the problems myself.

This included your step-by-step re-setting the circuit board, over the telephone, after office hours, whilst Nigel was driving home after a full day’s work. Wow! Where do you get that commitment to customer care in our industry nowadays? Well done, chaps. Much appreciated.

I-Teeth Dental Care

We at SOL Dental Technologies are very pleased with the product range and support we receive from Cattani.

All sales, training and service/installation problems are always dealt with in a professional manner, and we are amazed at the response times from your company. As a Cattani customer I would give you a 5 star rating. I only wish other companies could follow your example.

John Clave – Sol Dental Technologies

Thank you very much indeed for the welcome we have received, plus all the information and training you have provided to us..

Sureclave (Comprehensive Decontamination Services)

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